Saturday, January 26, 2008

Engineers with a Mission Talk at Local Church

Tomorrow I am going to a large church here in town to make a presentation about Engineers with a Mission. There are likely to be lots of people, including my boss's boss, in the audience. I find myself nervous. I'm seldom nervous about public speaking anymore, but this time I am. I have two students coming with me, so maybe if I freeze up they can take over.

One of the students is Brittany. I took this picture at the Giraffe Refuge in Nairobi. We fed them from a tree house and their tongues would lap up giraffe chow right out of your hands (or even your mouth!).
Jonathan is the other student helping me. This picture is of him with children in the Kibera slum of Nairobi (one of the places of much post-election violence last month). He is sitting on the concrete wall of an open sewer. He's the white guy in the middle.

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C Robb said...

Is this affiliated with Engineers without Borders? What is your mission? You wouldn't happen to teach at Baylor would you?