Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Update from a Kenyan Orphanage

In light of the recent violence in Kenya, I wrote several of the people I know there to check on them. One lady, Catherine "Mom" Muth, runs an orphanage in the small town of Neema (nay-A-ma) for over 100 children whose parents have died of AIDS. I visited there in 2006 and tried to help them with their solar panel problems. Catherine was a delightful person and the kids were gems. We visited the classrooms of the school she runs with volunteer teachers, and then all the children came out to sing us songs. Their singing, while child-like, was beautiful in its enthusiasm and tight African harmonies. I left a bit of my heart there when we left. Below is a photo of some of the younger ones.

This is her email cut-and-pasted from what she sent me. It is sad, and yet hopeful. It is tragic, and yet filled with unquenchable faith.

Brother Brian,

The Lord Jesus be exalted! Thanks a lot for your concern and prayers. We are safe at Neema and we thank God for it all. We however had a very traumatising experience on the night of Dec 2nd and 3rd, when thugs boke into my house and did a lot of mess, harrasing me and an Australian lady missionary, stole property, and worst of all raped the missionary. They even tried to attack twice after but were blocked by the watchman and our boys.

Following the nasty events,my children and I resolved to take some precautions, including my temporarily moving out of yhe centre while we improve on the security of the house. We also intend to hire trained guards and procure a guard dog. To further strengthen security we intend to have secure perimeter fence around the center. All of this will require funds. We are requesting our friends to pray with us, as well as contribute, as the Lord leads them. Otherwise, the entire nation of Kenya is bleeding and hurting but we are praying and trusting God for peace.Thank you for praying and God bless you .I will keep you posted on the situation at Neema. Meanwhile please pass our new year regards to your students, family and friends.

Together in the battlefield,

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