Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Battle of the Bald-sith-yetti

The two young jedi land in a sea of green. Verdeworld, the savanna planet. Their assignment: to stop bald-sith-yetti from amassing any more mass. Jedi D, the senior of the two jedi, delegates the surveying task to young padawan Jono. Donned with his purple galoshes and black jedi cape, Jono uses the force like a radar, searching for the bald-sith-yetti in the vast open spaces of Verdeworld.
But bald-sith-yetti is no slouch with the force. Sensing Jedi Jono's search for him, he himself sends out a confusing multitude of false signals. The jedi are temporarily confused as the force registers radar blips all around them like twinkle lights of pure evil. (Bald-sith-yetti had been reading about electronic warfare on Wikipedia.) The jedi cautiously assume a back-to-back defensive posture and await certain attack.
Their wait is short. Bald-sith-yetti appears from nowhere, rising up out of the savanna like the ghost of St. Augustine. The jedi must use their years of training to control the waves of fear and shock. Bald-sith-yetti is over 10 feet tall and stunningly powerful, not to mention ugly. He wields a two-bladed light saber like a chef at Benihana, its blades a blur of plastic and bald-sith-yetti sound effects. The light saber battle of a lifetime ensues.
Bald-sith-yetti gets his finger whacked by Jedi Jono, and in a howl of rage, uses a force-push to throw Jedi D to the ground, rendering him temporarily unconscious.
Then, with Yoda-like speed and accuracy, Jedi Jono does a fancy overhead move, his light saber catches bald-sith-yetti square in the prodigious girth! The shriek of surprise and fury is deafening.
Awakened by the noise, Jedi D rejoins the fight, and together they end the reign of terror known as "bald-sith-yetti".
The End.


Kevin said...

ROFLMBO!! Good stuff once again. I think I have said this before but I will say it again - I LOVE your writing style! Keep up the good work!

P.S. I do read your more "serious" posts as well and enjoy them too.

Tressa said...

This is very nice, and very creative. I LOVE IT!
Blessings over your family!

Anonymous said...

my brother wanted to name his son Jedi Knight. his wife toned it down to Jaedin Knight...

Elise said...

How great- this looks like my husband and our boys! It's everything Jedi over here. And LOTR. And dragons and knights. How about- it's everything boy over here. :)

Thank you for your kind words about my place! I'm happy you came by. God bless you!

Luftmann said...

Left thumb to kidney...