Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Boys in Cub Scouts

In a few weeks D will have his "crossing over" ceremony. The Cub Scout pack sets up a small foot bridge in the sanctuary of the church that sponsors it. On one side the boys line up and slowly, one at a time, walk over the bridge to meet the Boy Scout leader, the Scoutmaster. There will be three Boy Scout troops represented on the far side, and each boy selects one. The Scoutmaster of the chosen troop meets the boy, removes his Webelos neckerchief, and replaces it with one from his troop. They have great ceremonies and make the boys feel like big stuff. I love it.

Speaking of big stuff, Jono got his Bobcat badge at the pack meeting last week. Again, with much ceremony, they had him come to the front. M and I stood behind him, but no other boys were there. They said some nice words and made him feel very special. He beamed.

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