Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stump Removal

You must be a fan if you are reading my post about removing a stump in the backyard. Check back later after I post about brushing my teeth. It's sure to be riveting.

Anyway, two years ago, almost, a huge storm hit our town and uprooted lots of trees. I had a lovely red oak in the backyard, over 40 years old, that was left leaning like the tower of Pisa after the storm. Fearing that it would fall on my house, I cut it down. But the stump remains...

Until now. Today the boys and I drilled 1-inch diameter holes, a foot deep, into the stump. We drilled three more angled holes from the side so that they intersected deep inside the wood. We used a huge drill bit that made me feel every bit of a man. Next we flushed the sawdust out with a hose and filled the holes with little granules made of kryptonite or something. They are supposed to make the wood more porous, so that in a month we can chop and/or burn in out. We'll see if it works.


mightybob said...

good luck! and yes, i am a fan. i must admit, tooth-brushing doesn't sound like a page-turner... unless produce guy has something to say about it :)
have a great day.

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

How fun for the boy!

Did I ever mention how delightful it is to read your sidebar? The way you talk so sincerely about your sweetly encouraging wife--it's lovely.