Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Schematics by a Seven-Year-Old Engineer

The other day Jono came to me with this drawing. It was a schematic of sorts. He showed me where the water comes in at the top and goes down the slide, "shwoom!" and how it is supported by a truss of steel poles. He said, "Can we build this for them when we go to Africa?"

He has obviously been listening to me and watching me as I work and it really touched me. I love that I am his hero. I will try not to ruin that.

And every night when I put them to bed, I ask the boys to thank God for one thing. I am trying to cultivate a general sense of gratitude by this habit. That night, in response to the praise he received for his drawing, his prayer was "Thank you that I drew my picture and that I have a good mind, Amen."


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