Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wind Turbine Project Part 4

Last Saturday three members of the Engineers with a Mission PIT Crew went out to the World Hunger Relief farm where we intend to erect our wind turbine. Jonathan, Brittany, David and Cole put in some sweat equity. They dug a hole and poured over 1600 pounds of concrete to form the foundation of our wind turbine. Frankly, I am impressed and delighted at their progress. I am really quite proud of them. Here are some pics. Early on a Saturday morning, these committed students get to work (while I sleep late).

Kenya dig it?
Those crazy college kids!

Twenty-ish bags of cement at 80 pounds each!

And next week we can cap it off with another block of cement and a base plate to mount the tower. The tower will be about 42 feet tall and be made of spaghetti.

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