Saturday, May 31, 2008

Long Roads

I have been unable to write since Wednesday. I will try to get caught up, but there is lots to say.

Thursday morning I picked up Humberto, pastor of a local church in La Ceiba, Honduras. We spent the day driving to Yoro, a town in the interior of Honduras. But before we left, he asked me to stop by the park where his church bus was broken down. Two of his five sons were there arranging the repair. The bus has an interesting story. One of his sons, "Edie", flew to Oregon with a small team to visit family and get this bus. Then they drove it all the way to Honduras! It took them nearly two weeks driving in shifts. It seems living in Honduras gets you accustomed to long drives.

And so began our drive to Yoro. Yoro is south west of La Ceiba. But we began our drive on the road heading east because we had to go around the mountains. Imagine driving from Denver to Seattle, via Phoenix, then reduce the scale, and rotate clockwise 90 degrees. OK, that's the best I could come up with.

The first two or three hours there was pavement. Then we got to a town called Olanchito, and the pavement ran out. We stopped there to get diesel and something to eat. The diesel was fine, but lunch was riddled with bacteria, apparently. More on that later.

On the bumpy dirt road out of Olanchito we entered a long valley called Vaye de Aguan (the river valley through which the Aguan river runs). It was unlike any part of Honduras that I have seen so far, in that it was semi arid, filled with scrub brush and even some Mesquite trees. It reminded me of west Texas, and in a way, made me feel good. It was also one of the straightest roads I have seen here. Men on bicycles rode back and forth on this road from their villages to the Dole plant off in the distance. Cows, horses, and donkeys wandered up and down the road too. I took a picture of this donkey in particular, because of the cellular tower in the background. I thought it showed the confluence of two worlds, but then again, I like to pretend I'm deep.


Shalamama said...

Hope the fact that you couldn't write since Wednesday wasn't dictated by the lunch you had along with the Diesel.

Robyn said...

Enjoy your adventure! I presume you've stocked up with plenty of 'gypo guts' pills.