Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Waiting for a Connection in San Pedro Sula

I arrived in San Pedro Sula and successfully purchased a ticket to La Ceiba, my final destination. For reasons I do not understand, you cannot buy a ticket on the 2:00 flight to La Ceiba, only the one that leaves at 5:30 or so. And the airport at SPS is not that much fun, so I usually buy the ticket with cash when I arrive. I used a lot of my Spanish and was understood adequately. I can tell that my Spanish is better than last summer, and that people are responding to it more.

I exchanged some money at the bank and went to buy about $20 of prepaid minutes for my Honduran cell phone. I paid, then the girl went to eat lunch, but my phone never started working. A couple of young guys from Tegucigalpa, Carlos and Guillermo, came and tried to help me with it. They fiddled with it, and Carlos even pulled the SIM card (the "chip") out of his own phone and put it in mine. That seems to be the problem, because after he did this I was able to call all his girlfriends. They spent a lot of time trying to help me and I was grateful. (Hola muchachos, gracias para sus ajudar!) I gave them the URL for the blog because I am a dork.

I took a picture of them because I can't stop blogging... Guillermo is on the left, Carlos the right.

P.S. My spell checker doesn't seem to be working here, so now you see my true spelling culers.

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