Friday, May 2, 2008

Wind Turbine Project Part 9

I have channeled manly fire. I have melted steel. I have felt the hot sparks land on my bare arms and have rejoiced in the surge of testosterone. I am a wielder of welds, a player of power. I am Gandalf crossed with MacGyver.

I fight the urge to Tarzan yell. I want to pound my chest and scream "YEAH!" like only professional athletes and middle-aged fat guys can.
This is the good weld. The other side looked ugly. But I'm the one in control of which photos get posted, so I put my best foot forward.
Live long, and prosper.

Here David is grinding the rust off the pipes. Tomorrow we paint them. We have two 12 foot pipes, one 17 foot, and one 20 foot. They have 0.25" thick walls. After the paint dries, we will attempt to raise the tower.

I am dizzy with excitement.

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