Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wind Turbine Project Part 8

Here are the magnets on a steel plate that will form one of the rotors (the rotating part). The wood is a template to help us get them in the right spot. It will be removed later.

Tayo, Karen, and Anna put a bit of superglue on the back of the magnets. I'm not sure why this is recommended, because the mangets are so strong that they grip the steel plate with about 75 pounds of force each. They were so strong that you could put one in your fist, and if you passed your hand near one of the others it would pull your hand down hard. If you weren't careful, it would smash your fingers!

Last we remove the wooden form and the magnets are all in the right places. Next we will cast the whole thing in a fiberglass resin. Come back for that exciting event! Tell your friends!

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