Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Archery Merit Badge

One of D's chosen merit badges is Archery. He learned how to make arrows and bow strings, the proper safety and handling of the equipment, and of course, got lots of practice shooting. Here he and one of his buddies take aim...

and then laugh because one of their arrows went flying over the target!

We are both having a great week here, though not without challenges. It is "hot as blue blazes" as they say. And at night, there are lots of bug problems in the tents. There are ants and cockroaches that come up through the wooden pallets and sometimes crawl on the walls, or even your body. Brace yourself for this: one of the older boys, whom I will call Greg, even had one crawl into his ear at 4:00 in the morning! He went to the medical center (the quack shack) and the medic looked in his ear with a light scope. This startled the roach so that it ran out of his ear and was promptly stomped upon!

He handled it well. In fact, Greg has handled many things well this week and has shown tremendous leadership to the younger boys. He's a great role model for a certain eleven year old I know.

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