Friday, July 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Images from Thursday at the Village

Our experiences have varied from the mundane to the exotic; the sights and smells have been intoxicating; the community, rich. Here are a few miscellaneous sights...

Ducklings in the river.

One man had a turkey in his yard.

Here's the coconut Ryan drank, having been opened by a machete.

It rains frequently, and when it pours down, our river swells to a torrent of chocolate milk.

These are palm trees on the mountain across the valley from the yucca farm I visited. My camera has a super duper zoom lens.

OK, I can't let this one go without a little social commentary. Used clothing is a large market in Central America, as well as Africa. The clothes that Goodwill Industries can't sell in the United States gets bundled up and shipped all over the world. I have seen kids wearing Cub Scout shirts, little leage shirts, and NBA Championship shirts. Thursday I saw caps from Nike, Puma, a U.S. Bank, and then I saw this little girl.
I couldn't help but think about how the U.S. exports more than it's technology, more than it's democracy and capitalism, more than corn and wheat. It exports its filth, its poison, its materialism, its addictions, and its gilded lies.

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