Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pico Bonito National Park, Honduras

Our time in Honduras, especially the last few weeks, was very full. After six days of 12-14 hour work days, we needed some R&R. So on our last Sunday, we went to visit a beautiful national park called Pico Bonito. It's not far from La Ceiba, so we all loaded up in our somewhat beaten rental SUV and drove out about 18 km to the point we turn off the paved road and into a huge pineapple field. By this I mean a huge field of regular sized pineapples, not a field, large or small, of huge pineapples. From there we drove another kilometer or so to the entrance of the park.

On the drive to the park we played 80's and 90's music from The M's iPod. Jonathan and AJ, in particular, enjoyed singing along.

The picture above shows the entrance to the park. The mountains are close to the road here, but the strip of land between them and the road is chalk-o-block full of pineapples. In an earlier post, I showed a photograph of these fields taken from the air and mistakenly identified them as aloe vera. This only proves you shouldn't believe anything I say.

There is a small waterfall near the entrance and we all enjoyed a little swim in the delightfully cool and amazingly clear water.

If you were a strong enough swimmer, you could swim against the current and reach the point where the water crashed into the pool. The force of the water was nearly painful on your head, and it would push you under and out if you didn't fight against it constantly. It reminded me of the power we are capturing with the hydrogenerator; it's the same power of falling water.

My boys enjoyed their day and the extra attention from the students. We really had great teams this year and I was glad that my family could be part of it! Fun was had by all, most of the time. I put together a little video that, I believe, captures the spirit of that day. Lighten up.

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