Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Miscellaneous Images from Hurricane Ike

These are all pictures I took during the weekend I went down to Houston to ride out Hurricane Ike. I have had them on my camera for a while because, as you may recall, I lost the cable for connecting my camera to my computer. But I found it.

This is a pine tree laying on a house in Mom's neighborhood.

This is a metal awning wrapped around a telephone pole by a guy who hates metal awnings.

This is evacuation traffic heading in the opposite direction that I was. My lanes were clear! Imagine that.

I saw this sign on my drive into Houston. Imagine if this was the first news you heard of it.

OK, this very cool picture I took in the middle of the night. It is a 15 second exposure. You can see the amber colored lights causing the clouds to glow. Also notice that the trees are all blurry because of the winds. I took this picture out of the back window of the house.

This is the same pine tree as in the first picture, repeated here to make things look worse than they were. OK, they were pretty bad, but I have a limited number of pictures.

After the storm passed everyone went out to clean up and/or take pictures.
I don't understand why we lost power for 12 days... ?


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Awesome pics! Hopefully we won't have any to add to yours! You guys left just in time for a Tropical Storm to hit us here in La Ceiba. Just closing up the windows and staying inside!

Thistlerose said...

freak. out. those are some fierce pics. awesome job with the 15-sec exposure!
glad i'm not a tree in texas...