Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tiger Scout Meeting #1

This evening Jono and I went to our first Den meeting of the Tiger Scouts - with me as the leader! The boys started off by playing together at the church playground, then we came inside and said the pledge of allegiance and had an opening prayer. I taught them the salute, the scout sign, and the motto: Do Your Best. Then we played the telephone game and had some announcements. Then it was over. Thirty five minutes. It was supposed to be an hour. Oh well.

I forgot to bring my camera, so I had to illustrate the meeting with Paint. This is what it looked like from my perspective: lots of uniformed boys looking at me like I know what I'm doing. I call it "Send in the Clones".


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

So, why is one child missing his legs?

Orangehouse said...

He's in the background. Of course, now that I write that down, it doesn't make sense, but at the time of my "inspiration" it seemed to convey the essence of the moment.