Saturday, April 25, 2009

Good Press

Our rural electrification projects using micro franchising and hydropower were given some good press in the Baylor Business Review, the primary publication of the Baylor Business School. They have a large subscription base of 39,000 people, so I am hopeful that some new contacts will come our way as a result. Click here for the latest BBR issue, or go straight to our story here.

One Honduran man, a Baylor Business alumnus, has already written us in response to reading the story. He now owns a restaurant in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the second largest city in Honduras. I plan to follow up with him to ask some questions! I love this part of the work, if you can call it that. What part if it, you ask? I guess I would call it the non-linear networking part: connecting from one person to another, always learning, frequently reevaluating, faking Spanish... it's kinda fun.

"Wheels within wheels in a spiral array
a pattern so grand and complex
time after time we loose sight of the waves,
our causes can't see their effects." - Neil Peart


Joy B said...
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Joy B said...

Here's the blog of a missionary doctor in Africa. We were close friends years ago when they lived in Houston and worked at Nasa. I thought you would enjoy reading about their work.

Oh, ignore my previous comment. I was having trouble signing in. It's not a new curse word.