Sunday, May 3, 2009

Base-ball been bery bery good to me

Jono's team, the Electric Eels, has played a few more games in the last week or so. They won two and lost one, which is pretty good. The boys are having a lot of fun, which is great.

Here Jono runs to a base despite the all-out efforts of the crackpot defense.
They are playing "Coach Pitch" baseball, which means the head coach for each team does the pitching. It's one step up from Tee-ball. They get 12 strikes before they are out. Most hits are singles, but sometimes there are doubles. Jono has hit one double and struck out once. Mostly he gets singles like everybody else. In the picture above he is playing third base. The good looking guy in the classy cut-offs is yours truly, being the third base coach, catcher of foul balls, and Jono's cheerleader. Notice Jono has his cap on backwards on account of it being sunny behind us.

Teammates in the dugout, Jono awaits his first pitch. I love the fields where we play. They are thick and overgrown behind the fences, and they conjure up mystery and imagination.

Ready stance. A man of action.

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