Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduras' Actions Legal and in Defense of Democracy

This is the best article I have read concerning what is going on in Honduras: The Wall Street Journal, Honduras Defends its Democracy. It explains, quite clearly, that the action taken to remove Mr. Zelaya from office was within the bounds of their laws. The action taken last Sunday by Honduras was not a coup, but was a legal police action done to protect, not attack, Honduran democracy!

So why is Hilary Clinton pressuring Honduras to restore their ousted president, "Mel" Zelaya, along side Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez, and Daniel Ortega?! This is outrageous! The Obama administration should apologize to the people and government of Honduras for jumping to conclusions and taking their lead from Chávez. But it seems they are more interested in kissing up with Latin American dictators and socialists.

[The US should help support, not attack, Honduran efforts to uphold democracy. Get it? The pipe is like democracy...]

OK. Deep breath. The M just came in and we chatted a while. She sensed that I was stirred up and asked me about the source of it. As I paused in a moment of self-reflection, investigating the source of my own emotions, I realized my agitation was coming from what is going on in Honduras. I am feeling defensive of my brothers and friends there. Even though the Honduran folks who run in my circles have no direct influence on these events, I still feel a certain defensiveness for the country as a whole. They are being bullied. And to make matters worse, one of the biggest bullies is my own government! Hillary and Obama embarrass me as an American. That's how I feel: embarrassed and defensive.


Anonymous said...

Right on, Brother.

El Gato Limon said...

I'm glad to learn more about the situation in Honduras.

I'm curious, how did you find my blog?

Do you speak Spanish? I'm studying it to help with my work and on mission trips I take to Mexico.

I've tagged on as a follower of your blog.

Thanks for commenting on mine.

Dovie said...

I'm with you!

Laurie said...

At the risk of sounding religious, amen!

Crabby Paddy said...

Well said! I like "hearing" you fired up and standing for what you believe in.