Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Report from Honduras

Spoke with Ryan on the phone this afternoon. He has enrolled in a language school that meets weekdays in La Ceiba. He is living with a new family associated with the school and feels very welcome there. He sounds happy. This weekend he is taking a boat over to the Cochinos Islands, a cluster of islands off the north coast that are smaller and closer and more rustic than Roatan. He's going with a friend from the language school and sounded like he was looking forward to the adventure.

He said the mood in Honduras is peaceful, and that the desire for peace is the overwhelming public opinion. He referred me to a good article by the Miami Herald that describes the legal issues involved, and has commentary by the leading Honduran military lawyer. In short, it says that they did break the letter of the law in the sense that they denied Zelaya due process, but that the circumstances justified the actions to the extent that there will be "justification and cause for acquittal that will protect us."

One more bit of news about Honduras: I was contacted by a reporter from the Waco Tribune-Herald about it. Apparently, some folks from Waco are having a bit of trouble getting out of the country, and he wanted to know if Ryan was too. This morning, there was the story on the front page. Here's a link to the online version.

It seems that Zelaya may to return to Honduras this weekend. It quiet the international community he did return but was arrested and tried for his crimes. That might take away any argument his side may have claiming foul-play, but, unfortunately, it may result in some people getting killed if violence ensues. Why don't you call Secratary Clinton and tell her this is a bad idea:

State Department Comment Line: 202-647-6575

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