Monday, July 13, 2009

Jack's Place

Our lodging for this year's trip to Honduras was really nice. Twenty minutes' drive east of La Ceiba is a hotel named Villa Helen's Hotel & Restaurant. Jack the manager is French Canadian and the brother-in-law to Helen's husband (or some such relation). He also has the best English, so when we were there he was our main interface person. In our mind, it's Jack's Place.

It's right on the beach, yet reasonably priced. After a long day working in the villages, we would frequently return to our rooms and change into our suits for a swim in the Caribbean as the sun went down. It was a great way to cool off and relax before dinner and our evening meetings and tasks.

Diana, Lisa, Eduardo, myself, and Matt couldn't resist getting our feet wet when we first arrived. And as we stood there in the water, this is the view that we saw (below). Jack's Place had a iron fence with a gate; beyond the covered area is the hotel itself. Beyond the hotel is the highway, and beyond that are the mountains. Beyond that, eventually, is South America, but we couldn't really see it from the beach.

Under the red roof in the picture above were tables and hammocks! Oh man, the hammocks were nice. The sounds of the waves breaking would lull you to sleep.

Teresa is lounging and enjoying the view. She was one of my returning students. After Honduras she went to Houston for an internship in the natural gas industry.

Now this last photo is not one of the best in terms of quality, but I include it so you don't think we had it too easy! We did a lot of work as evidenced by the books and calculators on the table. Hammocks and fluid mechanics, baby. Engineering on the beach. Hands on the calculator, feet in the sand.

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