Saturday, July 11, 2009

The M, OlyMpian?

I just want to brag on my wife a bit. She has had the desire to be a runner for years. She started walking on the treadmill at the YMCA about six months ago. Then her walking turned into jogging a little bit. Then it was a mile, then two. Three to five times a week she is out there working out.

Tonight she passed a new landmark. She ran for FIVE miles on the treadmill without stopping. The boys and I are very impressed. In fact, during the last three weeks since her 40th birthday, she has run over 42 miles! Amazing.

Go baby, go!


Redlefty said...

Way to go, M!

Thistlerose said...

let her know she's doing better than me, and i'm not 30 yet!

Anonymous said...

Babe! I didn't even know you made this post!!

You honor and bless me. Thank you for supporting me. I love love love you so much!! :)


Joy B said...

Send me your training tips, M. I'm still at 2 miles. I need to get to 5k for my next triathlon!