Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bucket of Fried Chicken

Sleep-deprived chickens lay more eggs. It's true. If you put a light in the chicken coop after dark, they think it's still daytime, so they lay more eggs. This is not what we normally teach in engineering school, but normal is overrated anyway. For more chicken theory and corresponding fowl jokes, see part 1 and part 2.

It has been raining for the last week or so; I knew it would be muddy out at the farm. So I wore my overalls and knee-high rubber boots. It's important that the chickens think I'm a farmer.

Diana and Brian joined me and we devised a system to monitor the battery voltage. The electronics, including a battery from a riding lawnmower, are in the white bucket that hangs from the roof. We put a lid on the bucket to keep the chickens out. I mean, we all like fried chicken, but just not that way.

She's not a tame chicken, but she's good.

Brian went back after dark to disconnect the system and measure the battery voltage. The chickens were sitting on their seats above the lights. See their chicken tails hanging out? "Do these lights make my butt look big?" The sleeping/egg-laying areas are the boxes to the left, so that's where we shined the lights. We also made a disco ball and a light saber, but the chickens weren't comfortable with us photographing those.


Laurie said...

Orangehouse, it's time to come back to the land of chicken! You know we have Pollolandia, Pollo Campero, Pollo Supremo, and even a place near my home called Pollo Y Cascadas. That place washes your car while you feast on fried chicken. Buen provecho!

majorleague007 said...

Haha, not sure what made an Aslan reference occur to you while holding a chicken.

Rishi said...

Was that an overt or an inadvertent reference to the Chronicles of Narnia?

If overt, I'm cool for noticing it.

If inadvertent, you're cool for not.

Orangehouse said...

It was overt. The chicken was standing on my foot in the coop, so I reached down and picked her up. It was as easy as picking up my cat. I thought to myself, this is a tame chicken. And then the great quote from C.S. Lewis came to mind.

But Rishi, you're cool anyway.