Saturday, September 12, 2009

Maggie the Dog

We brought home our new dog today. She's not new new, just new to us. Sorta like a used car. She's a used dog. A 2007 Cocker Spaniel. No cash for clunkers with this pooch. She seems to be in good condition. Of course, the new dog smell has largely disappeared, but there's no body damage and the miles are low. She came with On-Star too. That is, there's a microchip implanted under her skin with an ID number traceable back to us. That's in case she gets lost, or the department of Homeland Security needs to spy on me. Or both.

We have a dog-training DVD that says you should bribe them with lots of treats. That's what I'm doing here: buying her love.

She sure looks a lot like the dog I had growing up!

At first we kept the cats sequestered to let everyone get used to each other. When we did let them into the same room, the cats made some sounds I have never heard before. Something like a cross between a growling lion and a Harley Davidson. Maggie just ignored them and kept smelling everything.

The training DVD (and our friends) tell us that "crating" a dog, or having a special enclosure for them, is a great aid to house training. They say it actually helps them feel safe too. So we are easing her into it, 10 minutes at a time. So far she seems to like it.

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