Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mystery Reader

My son Jono's second grade class has a "mystery reader" program: parents or other significant folks in the kid's lives show up once a week to read the class a story, but nobody knows who it will be until they show up at the class (except, of course, the teacher and the mystery reader themselves). My wife, The M, was supposed to be the reader the other day, but just for fun I took her place at the last minute. I read a story about a snowman in the woods and the reactions of the wild animals to this stranger in their midst. I read with different voices for the birds, squirrels, and deer and showed the pictures to everyone as I read from page to page. In the story, the doe took the snowman's carrot nose to eat it, so I held my nose and spoke with a nasal voice when I delivered the snowman's ad-libbed response. Everyone laughed. I suppose it wasn't very different than the engineering classes I teach at Baylor. Except there was a little less math and the tuition was cheaper. Read on.

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