Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jono's Gymnastical Party

This year we broke our family tradition that all birthday cakes are made by me. Jono wanted to help me, and it didn't seem right to say "no, you can't help me decorate your own birthday cake" despite my desire to be in control of the creative process. Perhaps out of a desire for global unity, he wanted a cake with the Olympic rings and to have a party at the local gymnastics school. (Never mind that it's the Winter Olympics coming up next month! There aren't a lot of bobsled courses in Central Texas.)

Here's what the cake looked like in the end. It was lemon cake with some kind of yummy icing I can't remember now. Can you hear the Olympics theme song playing? Daaa daaa da da da da da...

He seemed pleased when eveyone sang "Happy Birthday".

The kids got to play on the trampolines, the giant "cheese pit", and this cool ring on a rope swing thing. The video shows why this was a favorite!

Chinese Checkers was an appreciated gift. We had to pay a foriegn exchange student to translate the instructions from Mandarin. Of course, it was still difficult because the Chinese government censored most of the rules.

I just like this picture because of his smile. :)

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