Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lawyer Advocates for Orphans

Friday night we had dinner with Hector and Maria Aguilar. Both of them are Honduran lawyers (abogado y abogada) and Hector was the police judge for the city of El Progresso for four years. During this time, he relates that he "touched misery with both hands" as he heard case after case of child abuse, prostitution, and alcohol addiction. He and his wife have committed their careers to serving the "least of these" by assisting orphanages with their legal requirements and many other tasks. His English is the best I have heard in Honduras, and we sat captivated as we listened to his story about how he is using his gifts, experiences, and opportunities to build the Kingdom of God. I was glad my students got to hear it.

Hector's daughters crawled up on him as he spoke to us about his work, his calling, and the plight of the orphans and abandoned children in Honduras. His girls are named Ixchelle and Mia, both Myan names.

Coincidentally, it was Hector and Maria's eleventh anniversary, so we sang to them when someone else produced a cake from nowhere. I like it more than the beef tail I had for dinner. :|

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