Friday, May 28, 2010

Diana and the Children

Diana has a gift with children. She is so enthusiastic, animated, and encouraging that kids are drawn to her like a magnet. While we were in Honduras, her favorite days were the ones when she got to play with the children.

When we were working we were sometimes inside a security fence which, unfortunately, kept us from the village kids. Diana hated the fence because it kept her separated from them - both physically and metaphorically.

One particular family adopted Diana. Four sisters and a little brother lived nearby and invited her into their home. She bought them all gifts and gave them to them on the last day: a car for the boy and dolls for the girls. They had no other dolls and had been wanting one a long time. They all named their dolls "Diana".

Diana, you inspire me. You reflect the love of Christ as you interact with these children, with our team, and with me. Your spiritual maturity and sensitivity was highly valued on this trip, as was your willingness to do any task, however mundane. I will miss you.

(Diana begins her Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell next Fall.)

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