Monday, June 14, 2010

Jonathan gets Baptized

Last week we found out that some of our friends were going to be baptized in Lake Waco. This brought to mind an opportunity. My little Jonathan (Jono) had resisted being baptized because he didn't want to be up in front of the whole church with two thousand eyes watching him. Because the group at the lake would be much smaller, I brought it up to him last Friday.

He thought that was a good idea and was excited and nervous all weekend. Sunday evening we went to the lake with our friends and I had the great honor of baptizing him. After he came out of the water (the video stops there) Martha prayed for him with lots of tears. Jonathan turned around to comfort her, true to his normally compassionate self.

For the friends and family that didn't get to witness this but wanted to, I apologize. And for those who don't share our theological perspective, we believe that baptism is an outward symbol of an inner change. The change is authored by God and we respond by accepting his offer of forgiveness and new life, made possible by Jesus's death in place of our own. As Jono goes into the water, it symbolizes the death of the old self and Christ's death for us, and as he comes out of the water it symbolizes our new life in him and Christ rising from the dead after three days!


El Gato Limon said...

What an awesome moment to remember between you and him! I'll bet you're stoked! Praise Jesus!!!

Laurie said...

Wonderful. Gracias a Dios!