Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mono y Mano

Expect the unexpected they said. As a leader of a student team to Honduras, Baylor University gave me lots of training for all kinds of emergencies. I was prepared for an earthquake, a coup d'├ętat, armed robbery, or malaria. But who would have thought...

Lance and I spent several days together working on the mechanical design for the hydro turbine. One day we went to a machine shop in the city of El Progresso, near our hotel. The owner had a pet monkey, and Lance went over to take some pictures. The monkey was fascinated by his shorts, presumably because most Honduran men wear long pants instead. In the end, something spooked the monkey and he bit Lance in the hand, breaking the skin! Remarkably, Lance shot video of the whole thing!

Honduran machine shop monkey bites: I couldn't find that tab in my leader's book. I improvised with do-it-yourself lobotomy and a bucket of antibiotics. In the end, Lance was fine, despite a fang-shaped scar and a strange craving for bananas. Ooo ooo aahh aahh.


Sarah said...

I love it! Sorry Lance, but this is hilarious. Were you hiding a banana in your pocket?

Laurie said...

Orangehouse, stop monkeying around.