Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cycles of Success

Dear readers, I'm sorry I have not written in a couple of months; I have been locked in the basement by a small group of protesters who call themselves Occupy Orangehouse, or "oh-oh" for short. 

My last post was an essay by my 15 year-old son, David, in response to a book he read in school called "The Other Wes Moore" by Wes Moore.  The ninth graders at his school were assigned to read it and write an essay.  David's chosen theme was the relationship between education, poverty, and community.  His teacher liked it enough to enter it into a county-wide essay contest and, remarkably, he was one of six winners!  He was able to attend a steak dinner with the author of the book, which was his primary motivation: steak, the proverbial carrot.

His grandmother, full of pride and the desire to encourage his academic achievement, bought him his first real suit for the occasion. He looked handsome and professional. He was concerned, at first, that he would be overdressed, but after everyone arrived he relaxed and had a fun night. I was enormously proud of him.

[David outside the steakhouse wearing his new threads.]

[Author Wes Moore and David pretend to be conjoined twins.]

At this point in the post I was going to make some insightful observations about role models, and how they, like education and community, are important for all of us to have, but as I am way behind in blogging, I'll have to cut it short.