Favorite Posts

Virtual Exhibitionism of the Soul - thoughts about facebook vs. blogging

Sproingatude - a special evening with Jono at a local carnival

A New Kind of Old - observations on the "shabby chic"

A Boy, A Dog, and a Farm - misadventures with a cocker spaniel and a nine-year-old boy

The Honduran non-coup - why is the US State Department trying to crush the rule of law in Honduras?

Bucket of Fried Chicken - a series of posts about sleep-deprived chickens

Physhi Phriends - a morning fishing is better than a fish mourning

Frijoles Rojo - a gringo cooks refried beans Central American style

Melvin's Protest - a stream of consciousness post about Melvin the Honduran subsistence farmer

Shakin' Bacon - my experience of the 7.1 earthquake in Honduras

Surprise Letter in the Mail Today - a letter from the recipient of my blood marrow stem cell donation

A Rite of Passage for the American Male - Little League baseball from a father with athletic-related insecurities

My First Stress Test - Oh Joy - absurdity at the cardiologist

Squire, for my next joust I need an ambulance - a series of posts about my diarrhea-induced fainting spells, really

A Serpent's Story - my mom finds a snake in her bathtub after hurricane Ike hits Houston

Atollar: to get stuck in the mud - very muddy adventures on the back roads of Honduras

Drainage Infrastructure, Fatherhood, and Jean Valjean - taking my boys on a hike in the sewer

Jono: Bean Farmer - a glimpse into the way Jono loves his mama

Highlights from the Canoe Trip - good times with my boys

Campout Numero Uno - my observations of David transitioning into teenagerdome

The Battle of the Bald Sith Yetti - a science fiction adventure with my boys in the backyard

Breakfast at Leal's - a sweet breakfast date with Martha

Sunday School Goes Awry - a ridiculous attempt to teach children about joy and gratitude

Cujo the Cat - when my cat went crazy and bit me in the butt

MacGyver and the Apostle Paul - reflections on being an engineer with a mission

My Marrow Donation - the first of a series of posts about donating periphrial stem cells

The Blogability of Predestination and Freewill - Calvin, Butternut squash, and the wave-particle duality of light

Una Lunes Por La Noche (A Monday Night) - getting stuck overnight in a rural Honduran village; the story that started me blogging